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  • Name of the artist: Sílvia Serra
  • Tamagit reference: #SS1
  • Edition: Unlimited
  • Series: #artcanTbreathe
  • Type of piece: Ring
  • Materials used: Silver, (silver/gold leaf), rubber
  • Statement: Fair immigration & refugees policies, equalityThe black rubber is a hard/sad metaphor for the rafts used by immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers crossing seas and oceans in search of a better world.

About the artist Silvia Serra:

I am seduced by the tempo, the stubbornness and the synchrony of trade as vital as ours. We confer on our works the value of communicating from the symbolic language itself. A communicative language embraces the creator, the wearer and the viewer at the same time./ Sílvia Serra Albaladejo

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