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  • Name of the artist: Nicolas Estrada
  • Tamagit reference: #NE4
  • Edition: Unlimited
  • Series: #artcanTbreathe
  • Type of piece: Pendant
  • Materials used: Oxidised silver, gold plated silver, brass
  • Statement: Stop the violence

About the artist Nicolas Estrada:

The subjects that Nicolas takes inspiration from for his pieces directly address the humanity and sensibility of those who view them. His pieces do not seek to defend or take positions on situations that are undeniably central and significant in his country and his continent. Instead, they are the pure and clear gaze of an artist who seeks, through the tools offered by his artistic work, to provide new perspectives. For Nicolas, each piece of jewellery is imbued with immense power and value. The poetry contained in Nicolas’s work emerges through interpreting his artistic reflections, which are conveyed in an intimate dialogue between the object and the other’s gaze. What Nicolas offers us is an extraordinary and provocative ode to irreverence and reflection that is expressed in the aura of a craft undertaken judiciously and based on profound thought.


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