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In a world that is ruled by power and impulsive, irreflective and conventional consumerism, Tamagit aims at supporting original artists in contemporary jewelry who are creators of identity, carriers of knowledge, innovators, thinkers, translators of cultures, materials, new forms and also poets or story tellers.

Tamagit thinks that artists shape their work by reflecting their character in it. In art jewelry the artwork establishes an intimate connexion with the body. Its showcase is the wearer’s body which establishes a dialogue with the artist’s ethos, and completing this way the artwork.

Moreover, Tamagit’s makers create in a responsible way by taking into consideration the environmental sustainability and the above mentioned ethics. In this sense, beyond the artwork value, Tamagit’s community wants to “listen” to singularities that contribute to make a more reflective and fair world.


Empowering unique artists

Only by being able to support artists will they be able to go on creating freely and boundlessly.


From object to subject: Transforming subjects through art jewelry

Tamagit is a unique platform that aims at breaking the traditional circuit by offering curated content on art jewelry and jewelry makers. We believe that there should be a more natural behaviour towards jewelry, as this art expression needs to be understood in movement, in dialogue with the public (or external beholders) and in diversity, not exclusively in a museum or gallery display.

Tamagit thinks that it is very important to build a free context of wearability around contemporary jewelry. This is why we encourage art jewelry lovers to contact us and share their experience with us and with others. As a wearer, you can trigger other subjects to embark in this amazing experience around contemporary art jewelry.

Artistic value

The type of artwork you will access via Tamagit is poetic, dary and unconventional.

In contemporary art jewelry, it is no longer a matter of the material the jewel is made of, but it is a matter of the concept-form dialogue, WHO made it, FOR WHOM was the piece made and WHAT ideas and emotions does it contain.


The artwork speaks can speak for itself but it is precisely in the dialogue with the viewer and the wearer where the “singular” becomes “universal”. The singular dimension shows then as a link between the individual and the collective. That is one of the greatest ethical values of art.

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