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Read Tamagit’s comprehensive interview to the artist Rosa Fabregat

Where and when was your passion for creating jewelry born?

It’s been always there. I was deeply submerged into the design of clothes and visual art but I have always somehow incorporated jewelry into my artwork.

How have your studies influenced your art? And your personal experience?

My studies in art history and design have been very important for my creations. However, the most important thing has been the observation of archaeological excavations as I then always imagined figures, shapes and how ancient civilisations are reflected in them.

Your jewelry art is connected to the wonderful island of Menorca, where you live since 1975. Why is that so?

Well, Menorca is a great source of inspiration for artists. When I observe the sky and its constellations…. and the light reflected on the small Mediterranian bays I feel a great urge to create.

You create with fossiles and other rare materials. How do you do it? And how do you get inspired by those materials?

When I am at the sea I normally pick fossiles and then I imagine shapes and I think of how could I transform those into small sculptures for the wearers to carry them as talismans.


How do you incorporate ancient history of old civilisations into your jewelry?

I am passionate about anthropology and knowledge about old civilisations. Jewelry, thanks to its different colours and textures, somehow reflects an old way of living and it adds to it the value of identity.


We love your atelier… How do you feel when you work in it?

In my atelier I am a fulfilled person. There I no longer care about daily issues. I love to combine pigments and materials that become visual art and jewelry.

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