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Tamagit is now a Gallery member of Art Jewelry Forum

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Tamagit is an incubator and gallery with the mission to make art jewelry accessible to everybody. Whether you’re a collector, an artist, a professional, or an interested outsider who believes in the transformational power of wearing or collecting art jewelry, then Tamagit is open to you. You don’t necessarily need to be in the established contemporary art jewelry circles.

Tamagit’s format is simple yet innovative. It’s an online platform that operates worldwide with two physical premises: a modern space for consultation in downtown Barcelona and a small, inspiring gallery in the nearby Alt Penedès wine region.

As the gallery doesn’t like to store or retain too much artwork from its artists that could instead be shown at exhibits, it often works on demand and covers the communication and transactions between the artist and the wearer.

In this way, Tamagit is attempting to create a new concept of open gallery that encourages active participation from both artist and wearer. In this sense, it wants to redefine commissioned artwork as collaborative work—a co-creation process that involves both parties from the outset, ensuring the artist is left creatively fulfilled and the wearer receives a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is fitted around their concepts and desires. Thus Tamagit focuses on relationships and collaboration.

Founder Marta Tamagit sees this bridge between artists and wearers as a form of translation, where her knowledge and passion for art jewelry is used to interpret the needs of both parties. Let’s open this project out to the world.



Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34660862477


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