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Sculpture to Wear has invited TAMAGIT to participate in its Annual FUNd-Raiser for Laguna Art Museum taking place from from December 5th to 8th at the museum.

We are delighted to participate in this beautiful event with three ceramic necklaces by the artist Raluca Buzura that belong to her collection Extinct Species.



“Due to the impact of global warming, we could be facing a sweeping loss of species in the near future. This collection does not wish to be a prediction or a snapshot of future’s memories, but more of a meditation upon the beauty of marine life that could become extinct, trying to bring awareness and find new ways to engage people in thinking and taking action on critical issues of climate change and extinction due to human intervention.” R.B.



Last year’s edition:

The Laguna Art Museum is hosting Sculpture To Wear Gallery for an unprecedented 4 day FUNd-Raising event, featuring wearable art, jewelry and gifts from International designers and artists:  Yves Amu Klein-France (3D printed jewelry), Marc Cohen – U.S. , Swinda Reichelt – Germany, Erica Batchelder – Laguna Beach, Mariana Nelson – Laguna Beach, Doyle Reno – Seattle, Kathleen Lamberti – Kansas, Belle Brook Baer – Santa Fe, Sofia Bjorkman – Sweden,  Statements Accessories – Laguna Beach and more to be confirmed! Sculpture to Wear is donating 40% of our profits to the museum! Owner, Lisa M. Berman (aka Babik), a resident of Laguna since 1974 is excited to have a show in the town where she grew up loving ART! Thanks to our Media Sponsors


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