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RESISTANCE art jewelry exhibition CONTEXT Gallery

“The biggest crimes in the world are not committed by people who break the rules, but by people
who follow the rules.”
Bansky (or maybe someone pretending to be Bansky)



At first glance, Kiseno’s work is urban and popular; translated into other forms of expression, it could be a street sculpture, a cement wall, a leather jacket covered with metal studs. However, if  we not only look at his pieces with the swipe of the index finger, but also approach to explore them, we see that this sculpture falls on us for having dared to express our opinion and crushes us like a dirty shoe crushes a cockroach. The wall prevents us from seeing that better world on the other side and separates us forever from our dreams and possibilities. The tacks fail to adorn or define us; Those metallic nails pierce our body and break our identity. We are simple skulls; do not sing or dance, because there is nothing to celebrate.


Statement Art Jewelry Tamagit




At first glance, Sílvia Serra’s jewels are expressive and experimental; It could be fragments of small boats on the Mediterranean, an assembly of crosses and other elements of rubber and plastic between nylon nets or a lithograph of thick text on a rotten wood. However, if we not only look at the pieces with the stroke of the index finger, but we get closer to feeling them, we discover how those fishing boats are broken into pieces just as the scaffolding of large institutions and market alliances are broken day after day. The nylon nets take our breath away, slowly killing us under the sarcastic gaze of dozens of crosses. Wood rots and our bodies are dying: we scream, but no one hears us. We sink and remain anonymous. Nobody looks for us, nobody finds us. They haven’t even told us.


Statement Art Jewelry Tamagit Silvia Serra

Sílvia Serra



At first glance, Juanjo García’s work is bright and playful; It could be a stained glass window in a surreal church, a multi-colored kaleidoscope that has a life of its own, a fable, disconnected limbs and objects alongside an oil lamp that sees everything. However, if we not only look at its pieces with the flick of the index finger, but we approach them to think about them, we observe that that church window encloses those who approach it in search of relief. The kaleidoscope does not stop rolling and makes us dizzy; we pass out, we fall to the ground, we become disoriented. The
innocent fable does not teach through animals, but uses them and takes them out on them to earn money; or maybe fame. And finally that showy lamp that seems to be our salvation, fails us and ceases to give light and shelter. Darkness, isolation: we lose touch with reality.

Statement Art Jewelry Tamagit

Juanjo García Martín


If in front of the big screen that is our planet we not only look like fools and at the stroke of the index finger the indiscriminate and unpunished murders, violence, falsehood, lack of empathy, the
attack against freedom of movement and expression, indifference to the pain of the “other”, the cruelty of money for money, the mistreatment of nature, the emptiness and loneliness of the
individual and of certain groups, but rather we would get a little closer to all of this to explore, feel, think and relate … maybe we could stop normalizing Injustice.



I discovered the link between these three jeweler artists in their group show Indifference. Now, with Resistència Kiseno, Sílvia and Juanjo once again join voices to give a voice to those who do not have it, taking a further step in stimulating critical thinking and emotion through jewelry. What will be the next step? We look forward to more creative delight; of more matter for the intellect, the soul and the conscience.



Marta Tamagit
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