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The synthesis of sensation and experiment

In the process of making, Nassrin Vessalian highly values unpredictability and endangerment. After giving herself and her materials a long time to mingle, she then finds out which material can convey which feeling, tone and expression. To make the right choice, the artist refers to the context of routine life and picks up the objects devoid of financial value challenging the luxury and vanity of the jewelry that imprisons the body.

Awards & Merits

1980 /Qazvin IRAN

– Wearing Change , Villa Bengel Gallery , Germany 2019
– Legacy award 2019 ,Espace Solidor museum , France

– Selected in honorary mentions for materials in international Baltic jewellery ambertrip 2018
– Selected for 50 artist travelling exhibition
– First place at the 2nd Tehran Contemporary Artistic Jewelry Exhibition , Aria Art Gallery 2018
Enjoia’t 2018 (Barcelona Jewelry Week)
Not Only Decoration (NOD) Exhibition, Alliages Gallery, Lille, France
Ambertrip 2018 ,Vilnius,Lithuania
Legnica Jewelry Festival 2018 , Poland
Not Only Decoration (NOD) Exhibition, Cbijoux Gallery, Monthey, Switzerland,2018
Enjoia’t 2017 (Barcelona Jewelry Week)
Schmuck 2017 ,Munich, Germany

Artistar jewels 2017, Milan, Italy
1st Tehran Contemporary Artistic Jewelry Exhibition hosted by Aria Art Gallery

2015: ‘Small Sculptures,’ Aria Gallery, Tehran
2015: ‘Small Sculptures’ 5th annual edition, Aaran Gallery, Tehran
2015: 7th Fajr Visual Arts Festival, Tehran
2015: Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial

2014: ‘Small Sculptures’ 4th annual exhibition, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

2013: ‘Figurative Exhibit,’ Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
2013: Sanandaj Contemporary Art Exhibition
2013: 4th annual contemporary art exhibition of Persbook, titled Reflexivity, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran
2013: Sculpture group exhibition, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran

2012: ‘Untitled’ sculpture group exhibition, Shirin Gallery, Tehran

2011: Jewelry solo exhibition, Haftan Gallery, Tehran

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