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On Offer on Art Jewelry Forum

Artist: Nuria Carulla
Gallery: Tamagit
Contact: Marta Tamagit
Retail: €1,680

On Offer on Art Jewelry Forum

In this brooch, renowned artist Nuria Carulla captures the sadness of Chocó, an Atlantic region in her dear Colombia. Mafias and armed groups around the mechanized mining business have led to huge plunderings, causing extreme poverty and the annihilation of ancestral communities that had managed to combine their extractive activities with the conservation of the environment.

Chocó expresses how chaos emerges as a result of the breakdown of order and rhythm and reflects on how alienating elements disrupt the equilibrium between human beings and their environment. Through the use of colors, the artist expresses the symbolic dimensions of this theme.

Maya Figueroa, who was born in Lloró, a town in Chocó, 95 years ago, says, “In Lloró, when I was a child I used to play in the street with my neighbors with golden marbles that my family used to keep in glass jars.”

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