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Tamagit’s Newsletter
June-July-August 2019

We’ve been busy this summer!

Tamagit has made an incredible trip through Japan! In this amazing country we had the opportunity to view and enjoy many cultural events such as Turandot opera (scenography by La Fura dels Baus) and traditional Japanese music festivals. Japan is really an amazing place where old coexists with new. Every single day we were delighted and surprised at the same time by its design, architecture, fashion and crafts.

During our stay in Tokyo we also had the opportunity to see two very special exhibitions: the first one was an interdisciplinary show by the Berlin-based international artist Chiharu Shiota. It’s at the Mori Tower Art Museum and it’s called “The soul trembles”. It was truly this way! Shiota’s retrospective made us feel intangible emotions such as nostalgia, anxiety, fear… Her photographs, drawings, video material and large installations full of threads and old objects seemed to have a soul. It felt like a life journey trough vital experiences, which at the same time seemed to appeal to universal feelings (devastation, war, death, solitude…).

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In Tokyo we also had the chance to visit the art work of the prestigious Loweve Foundation Craft Prize 2019 finalists We were happy to see some outstanding jewellers there such as renowned Ruudt Peters.

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And last by not least we had the enourmous pleasure of meeting and interviewing one of our Tamagit’s artists, Natsumi Kaihara at her beautiful Atelier Tocoha. We will soon start working on the video interview edits so you all can enjoy it. Natsumi is an extremely special artist. She is patient and delicate and she likes to establish multiple dialogues with her materials. As she relives memories while creati, she feels that every piece, every gram of material has a soul. Delicate as she is, all her pieces have an incredible strength. Design, concept and message are in harmony in every art jewel created by talented Natsumi Kaihara.

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