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Cómo realizar un encargo

We will then send you a self-assessment form in order to offer you some advice and options. We will do as many free consultation sessions as needed. A privately commissioned art jewel is something specially made for you, so we want to assist you in making the right choice. We will exchange drawings and ideas so you can influence as a co-creator and be part of the artwork.

After we have come to an agreement (artist, concept & design), we will email you an offer including specifications on dimensions, weight, materials, finishing, price and availability. You will then be able to make some amendments to the proposal. After that we will be sending you a definite quote for you to sign as a final commitment. On approval you will have to make a transfer or pay pal payment of 50% of the total price. After receiving the piece, you will pay the remaining 50%.


Tamagit wants to make your co-creating experience special but also easy. The main advantages you will have if you commission art jewelry with Tamagit are as follows:

  • Accessibility: Stunning privately Commissioned Art jewelry from and to any place in the world
  • Fairness & Ethics: We love to empower artists
  • Authenticity: All pieces include a certificate of authenticity
  • Free shipping worldwide: Free shipping with easy tracking system
  • Free consultation: We offer free consultation when commissioning a piece of art jewelry
  • Free promotion: Promote your professional/artistic profile
  • Easy payment: Via paypal or bank transfer


Si quieres co-crear una pieza única para ti con un artista Tamagit, por favor rellena este formulario para comenzar con el proceso.

    I have read and accept Tamagit's Privacy Policy.

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