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Yumi Kato

Continuity and displacement of the Japanese culture through the (re)use of kimonos

Yumi Kato shapes her own identity as a cosmopolitan Japanese woman by designing pieces in a two-fold displacement process: the translation of the Kimono material and Japanese crêpe into contemporary jewelry and the geographical and time displacement of an ancient culture.

Yumi strongly believes that the spirit of craftsmanship provides a soul to all her pieces.

Born in Japan, Yumi Kato graduated from the Joshibi Junior College of Arts and Design with a minor in textile and fashion design.

This special artist lived in Paris from 1994 a 1996 and moved afterwards to New York, where she lived for eleven years until 2011. She then settled in Barcelona from where she presents us her original and delicate artwork.

Yumi Kato gives textile jewelry workshops and exhibits at dTerra Gallery. The last collective exhibition she participated at was Traçant Ponts: Catalunya-Japó which took place in November 2018 at d-Terra Gallery.

Continuity and displacement of the Japanese kimono

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