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Artista Natsumi

Photograph by ©ryota.kaihara

Creation as an incessant inner search

When Natsumi Kaihara captures the shadow of something that inspires her, she then sinks into her workshop and begins to create.

She is constantly in search of forms and processes that directly connect to her emotions. Natsumi has the need to spend time with materials and share with them her intimate feelings and personal memories.

Photographies by ©SHINICHI ICHIKAWA


2011-2014 Short Cycles (Advanced Vocational Training) in Artistic Jewellery, Massana Art School, Barcelona
2008 Art Clay Silver’s Academy, Tokyo, Japan Silversmith with Art Clay Silver
1988-1994 Art School, Tokyo, Japan Oil painting technique

Experience at studios

2013-2015 Carles Codina’s studio/ Barcelona, Spain
2013 Marc Monzó’s studio/ Barcelona, Spain

Main collective exhibitions

2019 HAMON GALLERY/ FUJISANTEN 2.0/ Tokyo, Japan
2018 Nutida Svenskt Silver/ SWEDEN-JAPAN/Sweden
2017 Espaijoia/ Barcelona, Spain
2017 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi/ TOCOHA COLLECT Art and life/ Tokyo, Japan
2016 HAMON Gallery/ TOCOHA COLLECT/ Tokyo, Japan
2015 Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h/ Silence Please!/ Montreal, Canada
2014 Galerie Marzee/ Marzee Graduate Show 2014/ Holland


Creation as an incessant inner search

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