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CK 1



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  • Name of the artist: Christian Kiseno
  • Tamagit reference: #CK1
  • Edition: Unlimited
  • Series: #artcanTbreathe
  • Type of piece: Pin
  • Materials used: Silver, rubber
  • Statement: Stop the violence

About the artist Christian Kiseno:

Christian Kiseno is a jeweller, mechanic, cook and photographer. His whole life has been a constant learning and experimenting. Ansel Adams said that photography is done with something more than a camera. It’s also done with the books one has read, the movies one has seen, the trips made, the music heard and the people loved.

This is exactly how Kiseno feels he can be defined. Plus he adds to it a political and social perspective. Christian Kiseno is a Colombian-born artist who has lived many years in Venezuela. He now resides in Barcelona where he has the full potential to express himself. Experience has taught him that one can not remain indifferent before the abuses by authority. Through jewelry he has found the way to reflect and express how he feels and think of injustice.  


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