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In order to embrace art jewelry from an interdisciplinary point of view (contemporary art, philosophy, ethics, discourse and cultural studies) Tamagit has external advisors from different fields who enrich our research and conceptual work.

Carlos Girón Lozano

Ethics and Corporeal Philosophy

PhD in Humanities by Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Master in Comparative Studies in Art, Literature and Thought by Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Master in Culture Philosophy by the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

Bachelor degree in Philosophy by the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

Carlos Girón is committed to study the work of Eugeni Trias and he has three studies on it: philosophy of limits as philosophy of culture, The frontier condition. Outline of a philosophical anthropology of limit and Earthbound Epilogue. The body as a problem in philosophy of limits (PhD thesis).

Nowadays he is in charge of content management in VACUNE.

He collaborates with the Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas Eugenio Trías


katia muñoz

Katia Muñoz

Artist, Curator, Cultural Manager

Katia lives and works in Barcelona since 1995. As a multidisciplinary artist her work has been exhibited in different countries in America and Europe in cities such as Texas, New York, Basel, Cusco, Berlin, Kaunas, Bordeux, London, etc.

Recent individual exhibitions: ESPACIOS DESEADOS at Tornby Gallery in Denmark and Olivart Art Gallery in Barcelona. Her work was selected, too, for Paint A Future in Amsterdam and Expo ELA Brussels.

In 2009 she presented her first individual exhibition in Spain with a photography installation on memory “No todo está perdido / Not everything is lost”.

Two years later she participated as invited artist at the collective exhibition of Caribbean Artists at the Museo de Arte de la Universidad del Magdalena de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Since the year 2010 Katia belongs to the ROSMOLEN group of the Fundación Hispánico Art- Holanda and she took part of the bi-national exhibition Mexico/Spain titled “200 años después…” in Baja California (Mexico) and Los Angeles, CA (USA). In 2012 she exhibited together with other international women artists Women in R.E.D at the Myro Gallery in Greece.

Next to her own creative work, Katia is culture manager, independent curator and activist for collaborative art in social and vindictive projects. She is interested in new ways of promoting Arts and Culture through social media and new technologies and gender issues as well as multiculturalism. She created and manages the collective Colectivo Femenino Virtual Proyecto Art-Esencia, which includes the postal art project Proyecto Internacional de Arte Postal sobre La Mujer exhibited in Spain, Colombia, The Netherlands and very soon Germany.

In 2014 she published the article #ABOUTWOMEN. Relation with Mail Art 2.0 in the book: Esperanza Recuerda. Mail Art Collection de la Universidad de Granada.

She has created international exhibition projects such as “PanoramaMix: Miradas diversas -Arte Latinoamericano y Europeo en un nuevo punto de encuentro” which took place at the Amics de la UNESCO in Barcelona and Valdemoro [Madrid].

In 2015 she was Co-comisaria at WeARTe Czpaski Art Foundation in Poland.

In 2016 she curated several exhibitions such as “Los espacios de la memoria” and “Abrigando el vacío” in Barcelona. Moreover, she curated several projects including the gender dimension in order to promote women artists such as “Nosotras”, “Yo mujer”, “Habitar”, “Dones x Dones” and “women’s Wall”.

As guest curator she has collaborated in the TINAPrize (Italy).

Her art is part of the Fundación Hispánico Art/Holanda collection and other private collections. 

José Luis Regojo

Human rights & Non-profit, Discourse, Translation, Literature

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1958, José Luis graduated in English Philology by Universitat de Barcelona. He is a high school teacher, human rights activist, writer, translator, illustrator and researcher.

His most relevant work and collaborations are:

Translator of Gary Snyder. Prosa: La práctica de lo salvaje y Viaje por la India (Varasek, 2016 y 2014); poetry: La isla de la tortuga (Kriller71, 2017) and the antology La mente salvaje (Árdora, 2000 y 2016) and into Catalan Les muntanyes són la teva ment (Tushita ed. 2013).

Autor: Max y su sombra – En Max i la seva ombra (Proteus ed. 2012), Hacia el 2000, El reto europeo (Diomira ed.1995), Guia per la gestió d’associacions (Aj.Barcelona, 1994), Guía para la gestión de asociaciones (Ed. Popular, 1993), La participació de les mares i pares a l’escola (Aj. Hospitalet Llobregat, 1992).

Illustrator: Sino: poetry book by Miquel Osset (Emboscall ed. 2002)

‘Research fellow’ (investigador) at The Center for Gary Snyder Studies lead by Dr. Joan Qionglin Tan at Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan Province, China.

Member of the editorial board of the Poetry Magazine Poémame

Co-founder of Innovation and Human Rights

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